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We understand how important it is to keep parking lots clean. The apperarance of the outside area of a business projects an image of how the rest of the facility will operate. Even the most beautiful landscaping can be negated by a parking lot cluttered with debris. Keeping your parking lot clean and maintained will lengthen its life.

When dirt is allowed to stay on pavement, it quickly starts deteriorating the paving material. Sand, dirt and other trash are abbrasive to the asphalt as well as any seal coat and striping product.

We use hand held blowers to blow debris away from curbs, islands and any other structures in the parking lot. We pick up all trash and debris found along adjacent areas and use a sweeper truck to vacuum the entire parking lot.

We use the Masco 1600RBS sweeper to ensure your parking lot is maintained to the highest standards.

Masco Sweepers Inc. is a manufacturer of truck mounted vacuum parking lot and airport runway sweepers. Masco Sweepers has manufactured parking lot sweepers since 1975. These products are used in most every state, as well as extensive use overseas.

These sweepers are truly amazing and produce hardly any noise. Sweeping foreign object debris such as rocks and nails are no problem. Not only does this sweeper clean anything in its path, but it can do it very quickly.


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