Quality One

Professional Landscape Maintenance in Medford, OR

Also Serving White City, OR

We understand how important keeping your business looking great is. The apperarance of the outside area is a first impression of your business to your customers. Quality one offers all the necessary landscape services to ensure a wonderful first impression to your customers.

Landscape MaintenanceOur Office for landscape maintenance in Medford, OR

We provide the following landscape maintenance services:
Lawn Mowing
Planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers
Weed Control (Herbicides, Weed Pulling)
Lawn Edging
Leaf Removal
Blowing off side walks, drive ways, and entrances
Litter Removal
As needed fertilization
Tree and shrub pruning
Watering System/Timer management
As needed irrigation repairs
Landscape designing
Bark and Mulch placement


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